If there’s one question I must get more than any other, it must be this one: “should I create an Insta account for my business?”

I get it: IG is one of the biggest online marketing platforms today, especially if your target customer is above 30 years old (in other…

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I’m a people pleaser: I seek external approval. It’s a natural thing for me to do. I’m not going to spend time finding the culprit of this pattern, it’s something I have in me, and many other people do too.

For the past three years, I’ve developed a proper addiction…

It’s the day before Christmas eve, and I can feel the holidays all around me in the air.

All I want to do is to cozy-up and watch a movie or go on a walk in the forest, or paint, write (ahem, what I’m doing now), but I have to…

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

Today is December, 1st. Despite this being my birthday week, it’s also the start of what I consider proper winter. Brrrrrr.

I’m currently in Berlin and damn do I feel it’s winter.

I wake-up most days feeling low energy. Being human, I suffer from seasonal depression or SAD (seasonal affective…

Without the entertainment offered by the system, what remains?

why do we feel depressed without our team sports, concerts, cinema, travelling, clubbing, restaurants and bars? Why does it leave us feeling so… empty?

that's because we built our whole functioning and wellbeing on fake things. …

Oum EK

I live. I learn. I write about it. Entrepreneurship + Personal Development. www.instagram.com/oumwonders

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